Devblog 1: Proof of Concept

So last weekend I finally 'really' started working on my new pet project.

In the previous post I've explained what I'll be building but not what I've actually done for it.

In this post I will tell a little bit about what I've worked on.

Baby steps

I had a hard time starting this project because I didn't really know where to begin.

Since I'm building this in my free time, which is very limited to begin with, I like to work in really small pieces.

Working in small tasks that you can complete within a few hours can be very fulfilling. Completing a task gives me energy and helps me stay motivated.

So what could I do to kick-off this project?

Proof of Concept

I came up with the following idea. I know what I want to build and I know which functionality I need for it. So I decided I wanted to get familiar with this tech first.

That's what I've done last week. I've taken a look into Google Maps, Geolocation and the Compass.

I've build a small proof of concept that combines these things. On the Google map it will show me my location, and I can tap the map to place a 'target'.

When a target is present, the arrow will point into its direction and shows the distance between me and the target. This is what I need for the final app.

Last but not least, the arrow will turn into a check mark when I get close enough to the target, indicating we've reached out destination.


Long life the Flutter community

I was surprised by how fast I've got everything working. I had the most trouble with setting everything up for firebase and Google maps. Using geolocation and the Compass was a breeze.

It was easy because Flutter has a great community and already contains many packages of great quality!