About the blog

FlutterGameDev is about learning valuable Flutter skills in a fun way.

Learning new things is easier when you are enjoying it and what is more fun than playing games? Exactly, building them!

About the author

My name is Stephan E.G. Veenstra and I'm from the Netherlands. I work at Pinch, an App Agency stationed in Amsterdam, as a Flutter Developer.

I got to know about Flutter just before the 1.0 release back in 2018. Just a few months later I released my first Flutter app. I loved how easy is was compared to the frameworks I used to work with.

Mid 2020 I was told the company would not yet start using Flutter for their apps. But I was already in love with it.

On January 2021 I started my first job as a Full-Time Flutter Developer.

Just 7 months later I found my current job.